The OpenMAMA Project is an open source project hosted under the auspices of the Linux Foundation. It is developed and designed using a collaborative effort by an open community of professionals and volunteers – collectively known as contributors. Contributors include anyone that is positively contributing to the OpenMAMA Project.


OpenMAMA Governance from OpenMAMA

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Joining the Steering Committee

To join the OpenMAMA Steering Committee, organizations must sign the OpenMAMA Steering Committee Application and join the Linux Foundation as a member.

Companies represented on the Steering Committee commit to:

Role of the Steering Committee

Steering Committee Coordinator

Elected by Steering Committee for a period of 1 year

This is not a ceremonial role. The Coordinator is expected to devote adequate time and energy to make the project successful.

Advisory Group (New in 2015).

The Advisory Group is an informal derivative of the OpenMAMA Steering Committee, it is intended to lower the barrier to entry for users and financial institutions who can make a meaningful contribution to the direction and success of the OpenMAMA project but are not presently official Steering Committee members.

Role of the Technical Group and Working Groups

Role of the OpenMAMA Software Maintainer

As in most open source projects, OpenMAMA will have a dedicated source code maintainer who, as the delegated authority, reviews patches that are submitted by contributors, provides feedback to the developers, and accepts the patches that are appropriate.

Responsibilities of the OpenMAMA Software Maintainer include:

OpenMAMA Working Groups

These groups define and document the various requirements for the OpenMAMA Project, which are formed around the strongest needs for the Project’s users. The Technical Group take these requirements and work with the Maintainer to develop plans that can then be executed along a roadmap.

OpenMAMA Supporter 

There is also the concept of an OpenMAMA supporter, this is a firm who supports / has adopted OpenMAMA in their products or services and may or may not contribute to the community collaborative projects. Presently Supporters include: Vela Trading Technologies, Tick42, Solace, Arcontech, Activ, Exegy, Redline, One Market Data, MDXT, Fixnetix, Actant, Rai, MetaFluent, ITRS, AMQP (Qpid), Flextrade, Vulcan.