Introduction to OpenMAMA

OpenMAMA, the Open Middleware Agnostic Messaging API, is a lightweight vendor-neutral integration layer for systems built on top of a variety of message orientated middlewares. The objective of OpenMAMA is to enable users to develop high-performance, event driven applications against a single standard API, while providing a mechanism for easily switching between middlewares as requirements evolve.

What problems does OpenMAMA solve?

At its core, OpenMAMA has been designed to provide users with the flexibilty to create applications without being concerned about the requirements or structures of an underlying messaging middleware, or the fear of developing software that is heavily coupled to a specific platform. By providing a consistent, well designed, and open standard, users can eliminate the threat of vendor lock-in by enabling their applications to switch middlewares without lengthy code changes; or port applications between different supported platforms with minimal friction. Using OpenMAMA, investment in development becomes a one off, up front effort, and users can focus their efforts more on building the applications they need, rather than worrying about the tricky internals of middleware semantics.

Business Benefits: