Feature Requests

OpenMAMA is an open source project that accepts contribution from its user and development communities. Input can be in various forms: reporting bugs, submitting patches, requesting new features and writing larger pieces of code are all equally welcome.

As with any project the size of OpenMAMA, we expect our community to have an assortment of features they'd like to see implemented, and a range of opinions regarding the value of those features. To avoid feature requests getting lost amidst the vitriol of our more passionate contributers, and to limit the impact of "Me to" spam on the mailing lists, we've tried to develop a workable process for submitting and debating feature requests. Please try and follow the process where possible, we assure you it's the best way to get things done. 

Tracking Requirements and Feature Requests

Requirements and feature requests are tracked and prioritized in public via our Bugzilla instance http://bugs.openmama.org, prior to acceptance into OpenMAMA. This ensures a common understanding of which features have been requested, their relative priority, their development status and when they are planned for release.
If the feature you have requested is determined to be a major one, it is very likely to go through several rounds of feedback within the community. This ensures that a request is strategic to the direction of OpenMAMA before resources are dedicated to implement it, and also that there is a broad understanding of why the feature is needed and that there is willingness to maintain the feature through its lifecycle.

Submitting the Feature

When development has been completed and the code is ready for inclusion into the OpenMAMA testing and release cycle, please submit it as a patch file. The subsystem maintainer, as well as other list developers, will then have a look at the code, try it themselves, and determine the next steps.


Sometimes things fall through the cracks, emails get caught in spam, or people take vacations, and a patch email goes unanswered. If you have not received acknowledgment within 5 business days, please resend the email add the line "Patch Escalation: No response for x days" as the very first line of the email.

Best Practices

When submitting a feature request, you should be aware of a few important things that will increase your likelihood of success.
Over communicate your intentions. It is always safe to assume that you know more about your need for a feature than those who will be accepting the patch and interacting with the new code. The more you can tell them about why it is important and how it will fit into the broader OpenMAMA project, the greater the likelihood of success.