Wombat::MamaMsgIterator Class Reference

Iterator class for mamaMsg. More...

#include <MamaMsg.h>

Public Member Functions

 MamaMsgIterator (const MamaDictionary *dictionary)
 MamaMsgIterator ()
 MamaMsgIterator (const MamaMsgIterator &copy)
 ~MamaMsgIterator ()
void SetDict (const MamaDictionary *dictionary)
MamaMsgIteratoroperator= (const MamaMsgIterator &)
bool operator== (const MamaMsgIterator &) const
bool operator!= (const MamaMsgIterator &) const
MamaMsgFieldoperator* ()
MamaMsgFieldoperator-> ()
MamaMsgIteratoroperator++ ()

Protected Attributes

mamaMsgIterator myImpl
MamaMsgField mMsgField


class MamaMsg

Detailed Description

Iterator class for mamaMsg.

Once an iterator has been created it can be set to the beginning of a mamaMsg and used to iterate over the MamaMsgFields.

An iterator can only be used with one message at a time, and only one iterator can be on one message at a time

Only forward iterating is supported

The dictionary to be used with the fields can be set in the iterator

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

§ MamaMsgIterator() [1/3]

Wombat::MamaMsgIterator::MamaMsgIterator ( const MamaDictionary dictionary)

§ MamaMsgIterator() [2/3]

Wombat::MamaMsgIterator::MamaMsgIterator ( )

§ MamaMsgIterator() [3/3]

Wombat::MamaMsgIterator::MamaMsgIterator ( const MamaMsgIterator copy)

§ ~MamaMsgIterator()

Wombat::MamaMsgIterator::~MamaMsgIterator ( )

Member Function Documentation

§ SetDict()

void Wombat::MamaMsgIterator::SetDict ( const MamaDictionary dictionary)

§ operator=()

MamaMsgIterator& Wombat::MamaMsgIterator::operator= ( const MamaMsgIterator )

§ operator==()

bool Wombat::MamaMsgIterator::operator== ( const MamaMsgIterator ) const

§ operator!=()

bool Wombat::MamaMsgIterator::operator!= ( const MamaMsgIterator ) const

§ operator*()

MamaMsgField& Wombat::MamaMsgIterator::operator* ( )

§ operator->()

MamaMsgField* Wombat::MamaMsgIterator::operator-> ( )

§ operator++()

MamaMsgIterator& Wombat::MamaMsgIterator::operator++ ( )

Friends And Related Function Documentation

§ MamaMsg

friend class MamaMsg

Member Data Documentation

§ myImpl

mamaMsgIterator Wombat::MamaMsgIterator::myImpl

§ mMsgField

MamaMsgField Wombat::MamaMsgIterator::mMsgField