Officially Supported Binary and Source Releases

Release management is now handled on Github including release notes and serving up binary releases. Please see the OpenMAMA Github releases page for details.

There are also some third party managed package distributions:


The Debian package can be found at the OpenMAMA Package site on the Debian repository.


The Ubuntu package is available from the OpenMAMA Package site on the Ubuntu Launchpad site.

Other Platforms

Work is ongoing to have OpenMAMA packaged for other Linux systems. If you'd be interested in assisting please feel free to reach out via the mailing list or on live chat, as detailed on the contribute page.

  1. Building applications that work with OpenMAMA requires messaging and middleware bridges. By default, OpenMAMA includes an open source bridge for the Qpid Proton middleware. The middleware itself can be found here
  2. You can also build OpenMAMA from source code by following the instructions included with the source distribution, or from the OpenMAMA wiki pages.

Sample Data

In order to get up and running with the example applications, we now provide some small sample sections of sample data, including full order book data, data dictionary and symbol files. These can be obtained from the OpenMAMA-testdata repository over at github

Examples of usage of the sample files can be found in the Quick Start Guide on the wiki.

Source Code

OpenMAMA source code can be found in the OpenMAMA git repository.  More information on using git can be found in the OpenMAMA git documentation.

Reference Bridge

When considering the development of an OpenMAMA bridge, a template outlining the preferred structure may be found here.