There are many ways to communicate within the OpenMAMA development community. If you have a question or an issue and aren't sure what to do, please use the following guide.

If in doubt, always start with the Gitter channel.

Gitter (Chat)

For an immediate response to a question, or to have a detailed discussion, please use Gitter.

General Guidelines for Gitter

Mailing Lists

OpenMAMA Announcement List

OpenMAMA Announce (listinfo | archives).
This is a read-only list for general announcements about the OpenMAMA project.

OpenMAMA Dev List

OpenMAMA Dev (listinfo | archives).
This mailing list is for people who are doing active development on the OpenMAMA project. Please do not use this list for general questions, user level questions about OpenMAMA, or the development of applications that utilizes OpenMAMA. Those questions should be posted in other mailing lists.

OpenMAMA Users List

OpenMAMA Users (listinfo | archives).
This mailing list is for people who have user level questions about OpenMAMA.

Bug Reporting

GitHub is used for reporting bugs within the OpenMAMA and OpenMAMDA APIs, as well as for tracking enhancements to existing features, and new feature requests. 

What to Use and When


mailing list

mailing list

Github Issues

Installation help No Yes Yes No
Post-install support No  Yes Yes No
Development questions Yes No Yes No
New feature proposals Yes No Yes Yes
Verifying a bug Yes Yes Yes Yes
Reporting a bug No No No Yes

Guidelines for Participation

Our goal is to maintain an environment of professionalism, respect, and innovation within OpenMAMA development.

Please adhere to the following guidelines as you participate in the OpenMAMA project:

Guideline Violations

The OpenMAMA project applies the "3 strikes" method, with the exception of obvious spammers, trolls, and abuse. Depending upon severity, these may be banned on the first occurrence and without warning.