Commercial Support and Services

As with many open source projects, a community providing commercial offerings has developed from the OpenMAMA project ecosystem. OpenMAMA provides the information below for anyone seeking commercial support. Neither OpenMAMA or The Linux Foundation endorse any provider.

This list is provided as a reference to anyone looking for commercial providers. Any company can add their commercial support to the list for free by contacting us.

Commercial Support

Below are a number of companies who provide services and support for OpenMAMA as part of their commercial offerings.

Vela Trading Technologies

Vela, as the originators of the project, provide commercial support and professional services for the OpenMAMA API.

Vela also provide high performance middlewares, payloads and complimentary products which can be used with OpenMAMA.

For more information on Vela’s OpenMAMA commercial support and services click here.

Additional Service Integration


Tick42 produce TREP and Bloomberg bridges and provide independent commercial support and development services to the OpenMAMA community.

Tick42’s GLUE enables streaming prices from desktop OpenMAMA directly to web apps avoiding server permissioning and distribution issues.

For more information on Tick42’s OpenMAMA services click here.


Solace provides a feature rich middleware based around physical and virtual appliances.

The Solace OpenMAMA offering includes middleware, payload and caching products, all built on top of Solace production proven components.

For more information on Solace’s OpenMAMA services click here.

Bridge Support Matrix

For a full overview of integrated technologies, please see our Bridge Support Matrix.

If you offer a service which you feel should be listed on this page please contact us to have it listed.