Supporting Organizations

In addition to the participation of the OpenMAMA Steering Committee, the following companies have pledged to support OpenMAMA in their products and services.

To become an official supporting organization of the OpenMAMA project and see your logo here please contact Nigel Phelan, the project Coordinator, or Frank Quinn, the project Maintainer.


Actant is a leading trading solutions provider specialising in market making and algorithmic trading with offices in London, Zug, Chicago and New York. Actant is a pioneer in the design and creation of high performance, functionally rich, programmable, multi-asset electronic trading software.

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ACTIV is a global provider of real-time, multi-asset financial market data and solutions. ACTIV offers neutral, managed services for buy and sell-side firms and technology providers seeking a complete market data solution that encompasses both global content management and data delivery. With coverage spanning more than 150 equity and derivatives exchanges around the world, ACTIV is the only truly end-to-end, independent market data utility in the industry. Founded in 2002 by market data specialists, the firm is privately owned and has offices in Chicago, New York, Tokyo, Singapore and London.


Fixnetix provides outsourced services for ultra-low latency trading, market data, hosting and infrastructure connectivity as well as risk management solutions to leading global banks, hedge funds and proprietary trading groups.

ITRS Group

ITRS Group leads the way in providing a comprehensive operational and service software management solution. Trading infrastructures in today’s financial institutions are becoming too complex and interconnected to be successfully managed via multiple tools and adding ever more people. ITRS solves this dilemma.

MDX Technology

MDX Technology is a vendor independent and innovative software development company delivering high performance, flexible, user friendly and cost effective solutions for the trading room environment.

We offer vendor agnostic real-time market data connectivity solutions, data sharing solutions and consultancy. Our solutions are deployed in prop traders, hedge funds, spread betters, tier 1 IBs and IDBs in the US, EMEA and APAC. Typically our technology is being used to achieve: cost saving through development acceleration and rationalisation of legacy apps and; performance improvements.


MetaFluent software makes market data adapt to your business rather than the other way around. Whether it's our lightweight, high-performance Excel add-in for real-time data or our software that transforms data and symbology from multiple vendors, MetaFluent gives you the agility that your business demands. For more information, please visit our website at


Today, OneMarketData delivers comprehensive data management systems to industry leaders that span all asset classes and facets of finance. We focus on delivering high-quality solutions that are cost-effective and easy to use - empowering users to build queries and analyze data efficiently.

Our comprehensive suite of enterprise-wide tick data capture, storage and analysis solutions as well as reference and closing pricing data solutions address financial institutions' need to capture, archive and retrieve tick data as well as perform analytics on streaming, real-time or archived data.

Apache Qpid

Apache Qpid™ is a cross-platform Enterprise Messaging system which implements the Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP), providing message brokers written in C++ and Java, along with clients for C++, Java JMS, .Net, Python, and Ruby.

Rai Technology

Rai Technology builds innovative products for managing, distributing, integrating and monitoring real-time financial market data. The Rai platform's' modular integration architecture is what sets us apart. New data sources can be dynamically added and reconfigured to rapidly meet new requirements. Rai transport and payload bridges add OpenMAMA support to the integration services provided by Rai.

Redline Trading Solutions


Redline's InRush 3 embedded ticker plant is used by leading banks, trading firms, and exchanges to received normalized market data for global equities, options, futures and foreign exchange. InRush achieves ultra-low latency performance, as measured by our published STAC-T1 benchmark, on a single mainstream server. The Redline OpenMAMA bridge enables OpenMAMA-based trading applications to receive InRush market data without having to rewrite these applications to the InRush API.