OpenMAMA-Sponsored White Paper Examines Open Source Approach to Market Data Infrastructures

Oct 25, 2016

LONDON and NEW YORK, 24th October 2016

OpenMAMA, the open source market data project hosted by The Linux Foundation, today announced the availability of a new white paper, “Leveraging Open Source Market Data Distribution for Innovation.”

The white paper will be of interest to senior executives in end-user firms and suppliers of systems for market data distribution and order execution related functions who are responsible for costs, profits and innovation in their firms. The objective of the OpenMAMA project is to enable developers to create high-performance, event-driven applications against a single standard API, providing flexibility and choice of data source and technologies deployed.

The white paper, produced by the A-Team Group, explores the benefits that can accrue from strategic adoption of OpenMAMA and compliant technologies. It also discusses pain points in current market data infrastructure, hidden costs and gives examples of real-life cost savings that can be realized. These include significant savings in hardware costs, distribution costs and bandwidth requirements.

Global spend on market data runs into tens of billions of dollars a year, yet despite this considerable cost to financial services firms, progress historically has been surprisingly slow to reduce the dominance of a few major incumbent suppliers who share most of this revenue. However, with the open source OpenMAMA project, the scene is set for change of this status quo.

“The OpenMAMA governance model ensures independence and wide representation from end users and vendors alike,” said Andrew Miller, managing director of Net Effect Ltd and consultant on the OpenMAMA project. “There is a little-known wealth of compliant applications from independent vendors and end-user development teams as well as proposed new use cases that can all help to reduce costs, improve efficiency and increase profits, not least by enabling innovation.”

A community of banks, brokers and independent software developers uses and works on OpenMAMA integration in production environments. This community is further strengthened by companies with products that use or support OpenMAMA for market data connectivity, including Actant, Arcontech, MDX Technology, Metafluent, Money.Net, ObjectTrading, OneTick, Solace, Tick42 and Vela.

The white paper is available for download from:

About OpenMAMA
OpenMAMA, the Open Middleware Agnostic Messaging API, is a lightweight, vendor-neutral integration layer for systems built on top of a variety of message-oriented middlewares. The objective of OpenMAMA is to enable users to develop high-performance, event-driven applications against a single standard API, while providing a mechanism for easily switching between middlewares as requirements evolve. OpenMAMA is a Linux Foundation open source project. For more information, see

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