OpenMAMA 2.3.1 Released

OpenMAMA 2.3.1 is now available. Features include:
- Enhancements to Build Systems.  
- High Performance C and C++ Field Cache  
- OSX Support  
- Bug fixes, performance improvements and enhancements  



OpenMAMA is a high performance Middleware Agnostic Messaging API that provides a consistent abstraction layer over a variety of message oriented middlewares. OpenMAMA is an open source project hosted at The Linux Foundation.

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On the Blog: OpenMAMA 2.3.1 Release Announcement

Want to know more about the latest OpenMAMA release? Check out the blog, which digs into the detail a bit more, and gives a hint towards the new features coming round the corner.

Blog: OpenMAMA 2.3.1 Release


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Our Vision

We want to see OpenMAMA become the industry-standard API for all middleware systems and market data distribution platforms, with a vibrant and active open source development community.

We want to see OpenMAMA grow as a unique sythesis between the open source and commercial world, developing ground breaking software that changes the way our applications communicate.

Business Benefits

OpenMAMA enables companies to protect their technology investments and removes the friction associated with leveraging new solutions and innovations.

By providing a vendor neutral platform driven by those at the forefront of innovation in the capital markets community, OpenMAMA enables businesses to consolidate their trading infrastructure onto a single standardized open messaging platform, reducing costs and freeing your in-house skills to focus on your core business.


Quickly understand the basics of OpenMAMA with our step by step walkthrough of the OpenMAMA example application, mamalistencpp.
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Get access to more detailed documentation on the OpenMAMA and OpenMAMDA APIs, with our detailed API Guides.
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Why OpenMAMA?
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Messaging middleware sits at the lowest tier of the enterprise technology stack, making it difficult, expensive and risky to modify adjacent systems and applications. Furthermore as market fragmentation continues and data volumes grow exponentially, firms’ market data environments present some serious obstacles for managers tasked with controlling their departments IT spend with innovating both their applications and their infrastructure.

OpenMAMA solves this problem by providing a mature abstraction layer that allows users to interface with a variety of middleware systems whilst providing a uniform API for all messaging applications.

The Problem - Complexity, Cost, Lock-In

1 - To be effective, developers must learn several potentially complex APIs.
2 - This complexity leads to platforms becoming locked to specific technology stacks.
3 - Maintaining such systems ultimately carries significant cost in terms of time, resources and infrastructure.


The Solution - OpenMAMA

1 - Users only need to learn one API.
2 - Systems are no longer locked to specific vendors and products.
3 - Maintenance and support for the system becomes cheaper and easier.

OpenMAMA Steering Committee